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Buffy Tribute

After seven great years of buffy the vampire slayer the show has come to an end.
This page is dedicated to sarah and the show, and to show our appreaciation i would be very great full of you signed our buffy tribute page. if you would like to sign it please send your words to and i will add you to the page. you will be fully credited.
so please let everyone know what you think of sarah or buffy or your thoughts.
Also if you would like to submit a site or a picture email it to me and i will add it straight away.
Thanks everyone


Ok well i am the manager of this site so i thought that i would start of the tribute.
I am a massive fan of the show and a massive fan of sarah michelle gellar. I am so proud that sarah has come this far in the show and in all her work. Her acting is amazing and she blows me away every time she is on screen.
So all i want to say is well done sarah and thanks for having a great impact on my life.
As for buffy the best show in the world that got so far i hope it still carrys on in peoples lives.

too am a big fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar, but particularly of Buffy, it was and remains my favourite tv show. It grew from strength to strength and I am so glad it was able to carry on for so long with the brilliant writing of Joss Whedon and the fantastic acting from Sarah and the rest of the cast. Buffy wasn't just about slaying vampires as some people may have thought, there were deeper meanings and the show had brilliant plots that were relevent to the age it was aimed at. However I know that all good things must end and unfortuantely after its 7th series Buffy ended. If it had continued though it may not have kept the success and popularity that it had. I think it was a wise choice for Sarah to say she wanted to stop being Buffy because it will allow her to continue her career and allows the fans to stay very fond of the series. I hope that Sarah, the rest of the cast and the writers have lots more success in their careers and I can't wait to see more of Sarah in films and tv. Jxxx