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The formative years...

sarah has been acting she was four years old. she was discovered in a restaurant when she was on a play date. she was asked if she wanted to be on tv and of course she did. she gave them her name and adress and phone number and she was admired. she was in her first burger king commercial, but she was sued for mentioning the competitors name. her first film was called an invasion of privacy and she was only four. she has not stopped acting since that day.

Sarah as been interviewed on popular late night shows which includes: The Jay Leno Show, The David Letterman Show, The Regis Philbin Show, and Conan O'Brien Show.

 she is now 25 and happily married to freddie prinze jr and still working hard
sarah's future film is going to be called a semesta abroad, which is set in england. so we look forward to seeing sarah in that



check out her filmography she has been in so many films and television appearences

date of birh: April 14th 1977
height: 5:2
shoe size:8(us)
star sign : Aries

born in : New York


Color Red
Food Sushi, Pasta
Least Favorite Food Meatloaf and liver
Movie Heathers, The Princess Bride
TV Show Fear Factor, 24
Actor Freddie Prinze jr., Tom Cruise
Actress Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Stockard Channing
Season Summer
Vacation Spot Hawaii
Book The Princess Bride, Gone With the Wind
Sports Team New York Knicks

Pets Maltese Terrier named Thor, Akita named Tyson
Hobbies Walking the dogs, Playing board games, Reading
Sports Ice Skating
Tattoos Chinese Symbol For Integrity (back), Heart & Dagger (ankle), Celtic symbol (left hip),
2 Dragonflies (lower back)