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full name:sarah michelle gellar
height: 5:2
eye colour:green
family: Mother:rosellen gellar. father:steven, divorced from mother in 1984
husband: Freddie Prinze jr
date of birth: april 14 1977
born in: New york city
star sign: aries
education: went to Guardia high school for the performing arts and profesional childrens school
hair color: dark brown(naturally)
fave colour: red


"She's like the perfect mother in a teenage body"--Alyson Hannigan from "Slay belle" article

"I've fallen in love with her"--Joss Whedon from Christian Science Monitor

"I love working with her- she is really talented, always prepared and a total veteran! We work well together, we have great chemistry- it's like our own family, we are very close!--Charisma Carpenter

"Sarah's great, really smart. She's doing a movie now, and she has no social life when she's working".--Charisma Carpenter

"Sarah's a sexy firecracker, super witty and really on top of things."-Jennifer Love Hewitt

"She knows everything, she works so many hours, doesn't have a break and is still on top of everything. It's scary."--Alyson Hannigan in Rollingstone

"She's super nice and super professional"--Amber Benson

"Sarah's very smart when it comes to showbusiness. She knows everybody in Hollywood and what they're working on. We're all amazed at how much information she can obtain!"--Alyson Hannigan

"My attitude is that the show isn't so good that it's worth anybody getting hurt for it. Sarah is always covered with bruises and I'm always saying, 'Sarah, don't do this stuff. We'll get the close-up of you saying the funny thing after.' 'No, no, I can do it,' she says, and then she gets this giant black-and-blue-mark on her arm. 'Sarah, stop. Please!"--Joss Whedon in "Exposed"

"Whether it's that kind of scene (love) or a scene where Sarah and I are fighting a demon, that girl is one of the most professional people on the planet. She has a way of not only setting you at ease but also getting you in the right mental framework. Those can be hard days if you don't approach it with a light tone and even be a little giddy at times, because I'm a hundred pounds heavier than she is a there's gonna be some elbows and some knees in places that are just odd. Be it because you're laying on top of each other, or not to get in someone's light or be aware of where the camera is. So if you can have fun with it but at the same time not lose your passion and intensity, that's important. And she's been there and she held my hand through the whole thing, literally and figuratively. Hopefully the scene came out a success. If they did, it's because she gets the drill, not me."--Marc Blucas in "The Watcher's Guide Vol. 2"

"Sarah is unbelievable. Wonderfully talented and a wonderful person and she's been doing it since she was a foot high. She knows everything. She's always prepared; she's always on time; she always know her words, when there are words to know, she knows everything about every single camera and every single nut and bolt. She knows this business. She's such a nice person even though we work in a situation that some other actors and directors would find frustrating it gets done and that's the amazing part."--Harry Groener aka "The mayor" in "The Watcher's Guide Vol. 2"

"I'm a big Sarah Michelle Gellar [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] fan. Huge. I love her. She's gorgeous. I see her Maybelline ads, and I'm like, 'How can she be that pretty?'" --Kirsten Storms from Days of our lives.

Fave food :pasta, soup, and chinese food
fave holiday: haloween
fave vacation: Bermuda
her philosophy: if you want it take it you only have one life to live.
worst fear: cemeteries
fave actors: John Cusack and Tom cruse
Fave drink: water, iced tea and starbucks coffee
pet hate: interviews